Play as Indiana Jones:
Enter the “Bonus” room in the Cantina by using the door to the right of Episode
VI. Enter the “Trailers” door (first on the left), and watch the trailer for
Lego Indiana Jones: The Videogame. You can now buy Indiana Jones for 50,000

Ghost characters:
Successfully complete Story mode to unlock the Ghost characters for purchase.
Ghosts characters are invincible and are ignored by enemies except when in

New Town:
Collect 50 Gold Bricks. Then in the “Bonus” room in the Cantina, build door
number 6.

Collect all Gold Bricks to unlock an option to watch all the cutscenes at the

Easy Studs:
At the start of Chapter IV, Episode 1, build the first two control panels. After
building the control panels, move to the left of the room, and pull the lever.
Keep pulling the lever and collecting the Studs. Repeat this as many times as
There are several ways to get Studs by destroying chairs, trash cans, etc. There
are two fan covers on the ground outside the Cantina that give lots of Studs.
Inside the Cantina is a location that gives a lot of Studs. In “Episode VI:
Return Of The Jedi” is a table in the middle of the room with blue chairs. Use
The Force on these chairs several times. Some Studs should appear each time this
is done.

Use The Force to pick up the blue glasses on the floor of the Cantina and stack
them up. A bowling ball will appear. You can use Force Throw to it into the
stack of blue glasses to get Studs.