Cheat Codes:

Donkey Kong’s Crash Course: Bonus course:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding course.

Course 2: Complete Course 1 twice.
Course 3: Complete Course 2 twice.
Course 4: Complete Course 3 once.

Plaza: Left-handed controls:
Rotate the controller 180 degrees in the Plaza. You can now control the
camera with Left Analog-stick, and your movement will automatically be
re-adjusted on the Right Analog-stick.

Alternate single player games:
A second player can use a Wiimote to make the following changes in the
corresponding single player game.

Balloon Trip Breeze: Aim at objects and press A to knock them out of place.
Donkey Kong’s Crash Course: Point at player one and hold A to create a slow-down bubble.
F-Zero Racing: Aim at obstacles and press A to destroy them.
Octopus Dance: Pointing and press A on different objects to play various sounds.
Takamaru’s Ninja Castle: Aim at enemies and press A to hold them.