In Dropzone the gameplay is much in the style of Defender, as well as Stargate, Scramble and even Robotron: 2084. Players control the hero trying to rescue the scientists on a horizontally side-scrolling game field. Players must elude or engage various aliens—some slow, others faster—and return the scientists to the base’s eponymous dropzone. The aliens capture scientists walking along the ground. The player must shoot the enemy aliens and catch the falling scientists. Sometimes the aliens will carry lethal androids instead, which must be avoided.

The ranks awarded to players at the end of a game are (in order):

Not Listed – practice recommended
Dextral Dodger
Moon Cadet
Planet Marshal
Planet Lord
Star Warrior
Solar Prodigy
Megastar – mission completed
There are 99 levels of gameplay, each increasingly more difficult. After level 99, the levels repeat starting level 95.

Super Dropzone added new weapon types and end-level bosses, it was more difficult than the original and the graphics and sound were better as you would expect.


Skip to Snake Boss:
Enter 41201018 as a password.


Super Dropzone
Super Dropzone