Another popular release from Epyx in the games series – this one was supposed to be a lot of games that are popular in California

Here are the games on the Sega Mega Drive version

Half Pipe:

Gain speed and height by pushing down on the control pad while you are heading down, and up when you are going up. Once you get airborne you must do an aerial turn or some kind of trick or you will most likely crash. Here are how to try a couple of the moves

Aerial turn – press the control pad left or right right at the peak of your jump.
Hand-plant – press and hold the the A button for a second, right at the edge of the of the half pipe.
There are other stunts and tricks to try and learn to do

Foot bag:

Try to keep the bag in the air with your head, shoulders, legs, and feet by using the A, B, and C buttons. Press down on the control pad to turn around. You get various points for performing different tricks, and you get more points the longer you keep the bag up without dropping it.


Gain speed by moving your surfer back and forth steadily. Earn points by staying under the wave without wiping out, doing jumps and stunts outside of the wave, or by hitting balls with the tip of your surf board.


Gain speed by pushing the control pad up and down, and jump by pressing the B button. Avoid any obstacles that may appear.


Tap C continuously to gain speed and press the B button to jump. Perform stunts by pressing up or down on the control pad + B when you are at the peak of a hill.



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California Games on Mega Drive1
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