In North America this was the first in the “special edition” range of  games. These could not be bought in stores, and had to be ordered from Sega themselves.

The gameplay is pretty smooth as far as the Sega Master System action games go. Music is decent and graphics are bright and clear. The game is difficult but compared to many others of that type that were around at the time its probably average. The game has six levels in total, but the levels are a decent length.

The general principle of shoot em ups applies here as well, if you don’t die then you’ll be fine. Once you die then that is pretty much game over. The game does have unlimited continues though which will spawn you at the last level you were playing.




Start With 9 Lives

At the title screen, press Down, Right, Down, Down, Left, Right, Up, Right and Button 1.

Pro action replay codes

00C0 0A03 Infinite Lives