In a gaming world where FIFA and pro Evolution Soccer dominate all of the consoles another footbal/soccer game can be greeted with interest and then unusually a lot of disappointment as it fails to reach the admittedly very random quality level of those two titles.

World Tour Soccer 2 on the PSP took things on a slightly different approach, rather than focusing on simply winning games by scoring as many goals as possible it introduced a challenge element to it by bringing in a points system that rewards passing moves, keeping possession, skills and spectacular goals. World Tour Soccer also adds in different match modes. These contain different scenarios in which the games must be played, there are nine of these in total and they are: all-rounder; shot clock; the zone; totally outnumbered; time attack; challenge plus; pass clock; checkpoint; and player tag. Most are self explanatory and offer an interesting twist to the game.

The game play is not as deep as FIFA or PES but the basics of passing and shooting are handled quite well, the graphics are not bad and you can usually make out the player from the screen and real player names are used as well, the stadia are nice as well with a few nice touches to them. Audio is OK but the commentary can get repetitive but then I can level that criticism at many football games.

If you like football then there is no doubt you’ll get some enjoyment out of this game but for many it will be a 3rd choice game.


  • 11 game modes
  • 65 International teams and 6 All Star line ups
  • 8 brand new stadiums
  • World Tour features 61 challenge matches over 5 continents
  • Medal Mode features 8 increasingly difficult challenges for every game mode.
  • Downloaded game modes add to Medal Mode and multiplayer
  • Multiplayer via Ad Hoc or Infrastructure
  • Play individual Exhibition matches for that pure fotball fix
  • Game Sharing
  • Quick Game option


I give World Tour Soccer 2 on the PSP a score of 70%




world tour soccer 2 screenshot2
world tour soccer 2 screenshot2


world tour soccer 2 screenshot1
world tour soccer 2 screenshot1




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