Super Pocket Tennis is a nice little tennis game for the PSP. Lets take a look at the game

Super Pocket Tennis
Super Pocket Tennis

The game has the following features

  • Compete in doubles and singles matches against your friends using wireless!
  • 20 unique character to choose from, all with different styles of play!
  • Select different courts including Clay, Lawn, Hard and Carpet
  • Play against the computer to practice your serve and smashes
  • Complete 10 different requirements to unlock hidden characters

There are several entertaining mini games that you can play

  • Bullseye serve: hit targets
  • Whack an alien: Knock down aliens
  • Wall Smasher: Knock back approaching walls
  • Hit and run: Hot 1000 balls back onto the other side of the court
  • Robot Returns: Return a series of serves without hitting robots that wander about the court

There are no licensed players and the graphics have a cute, cartoony feel rather than trying to adopt real-life player visuals, the sound effects are accurate for the game of tennis and there a few little pieces of music that play throughout

Gameplay is as simple as selecting a strong or weak shot with either the circle or X buttons while moving your character with either the directional pad or the analogue stick. There is a mark on the ground where your opponent’s shot will land and you can determine where your shot will land by moving a circle on your opponent’s side of the court before every shot. This does not take that long to get the hang off.