The arguments over Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA have raged between gamers for years, fanboys and girls of both games will never agree that one is better than another and the arguments rumble on. Now being an avid football (soccer) fan for many years personally I will play both games and I enjoy both games, the problem for me is that neither gives you the complete package in the game. Also certain releases in either game series can be utter rubbish, mainly when the developer tries to introduce a new feature.

For me it generally could be summarises as follows – FIFA = slightly better graphics, audio including commentary, the licenses and is a bit more polished. Pro Evolution Soccer = better gameplay which for a football fan is important.

Anyway lets look at Pro Evolution Soccer on the PSP, I have tried two versions the 2012 and 2014 flavour, both of which are fairly similar

Bearing in mind that I have played FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer on the PSP I actually find that Pro Evo is better graphically, the gameplay is better (quite a bit better) with the passing, crossing and general football gameplay is superior to the FIFA version

Graphicallly the players look better on Pro Evolution Soccer


Here are a couple of videos showing some basic gameplay


2 videos here,

Pro Evolution 2012

Pro Evolution 2014