Pool Hall Pro is an entertaining game for the PSP, there are many variants to keep you entertained such as 9 Ball, UK 8 Ball and snooker.

The game has several modes of play. There is training, exhibition mode, arcade mode, and tournament mode. Exhibition is just a quick play where you can choose what type of game to play. Arcade has you travelling the globe playing against other players. Tournament mode is where you play multiple games and score points in the ranks until the best players are left.

Hold the X button and tilting the control stick back, you can adjust the power of your shot. Tapping circle will allow you to adjust where you wish to hit the cue ball itself just in case you want to put some spin on it.

The graphics are OK, the sounds are OK but most importantly the actual game of pool/snooker is very good


The computer opponents are devilish good, pot a ball of the break and then clearing up so you don’t get a shot in