Everybody’s Golf or Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee  is a golf game that emphasizes arcade-like gameplay over real life accuracy or locations. The game features all fictional characters and courses. It features several different modes, including a training mode to learn the game, simple match play, and a challenge mode feature many golf tournaments and unlockable items used to customizes the player’s golfer.

The game has three modes: Single player, Multiplayer and Training mode. In the basic Single Player, Stroke Play allows you to play on the courses that are unlocked. All of these game modes can be played against the computer or with friend over a wireless connection. There is Challenge Mode lets you compete in a regular season with tournaments and a chance to unlock more characters and items to customize them with.

Your swing is executed according to three button taps. There’s a meter at that bottom of the screen to determine the force of the swing and accuracy with which you connect to the ball. By pressing the directional pad during the impact of the club, you can put a spin on it and affect how it flies or rolls once it touches down. You can set the shot mode to “Auto” so that the impact gets handled by the computer. When you’re right near the hole, a grid shows up with sliding markers that helps you see the slope in the green.

There are 10 golfers, six courses and 5 caddies. You start out with two golfers, and your caddies show-up as mere voices in the background instead of being on the links with you as in past games. So basically when you choose a caddy it changes the commentary but there is no on screen caddy.

Hot Shots graphics focus on the cartoon element, with simple characters of an anime theme, if you are into actual realism looking for proper goflers this may put you off, for me it makes no difference

If you wanted a golf sim then this is not for you but if you want a cheerful, playable and fun arcade type version of golf then give this a go. I enjoyed it.

Unlock Everything

Enter the following code as your name when you start a new game.

Password Effect
5TNEPO Unlocks Everything in the Game