Bowling 3D is a solid ten pin bowling game on the PSP, as you would expect from EA the game looks good and actually plays well too. There are various modes you can play to keep the interest in the game going but without doubt the traditional match against an opponent is the best

The game is not too hard to master and you can quickly start getting some decent shots in without feeling that every bowl you make will probably end up in a strike

Lining up a shot involves a series of button presses. You start by using the left and right directional buttons to set the launch position and pressing X to confirm, then press X again to set the power when the power gauge appears, and then press X to set the direction of the aim meter as it goes back and forth. Finally, press X one more time to set the degree of ball spin.

You can see the power set and the spin option in the image below

So far this is the best bowling game I have played on the PSP, we will look at another later



Some sample gameplay from yours truly