Angry Birds is one of the most popular games available on Android and iPhone and this is the PSP version. If you don’t know the plot – where have you been over the last few years, the bad pigs have stolen the birds eggs and they are angry – that’s summed it up.

Each bird has its own abilities. Red birds are the most basic and don’t have any special abilities. Blue birds will slit into 3 smaller birds mid-air with a tap of the X button. Black Birds will explode like bombs.

The puzzles on each level have a similar feel and you get a set amount of birds to fire but due to the fact that the birds have different abilities on some levels you have to plan what to to do with each bird

I found the controls to be a bit twitchy at times when you pulled back sometimes the catapult would release a bit early but this didn’t detract to much from the gameplay. Graphically it looks superior to the movbile versions – which you would expect and the audio is also adequate.