Starcraft Battle Chest cheats

Cheat Codes:

While you are playing, press enter and type in the name of the code
and press enter.

Code Result
power overwhelming – All units are invincible
food for thought – Disable Food/Psi Requirements
staying alive – Disable Level Victory
war aint what it used to be – Disable persistent Fog of War
modify the phase variance – Disable Tech Tree
ophelia – Enable level skipping
operation cwal – fast build mode
medievel man – Free Technology Upgrades
something for nothing – Free Upgrades to all units
the gathering – Infinate Energy
game over man – Instantly lose current level
there is no cow level – Instantly win current level
breathe deep – Receive 10,000 Gas
whats mine is mine – Receive 10,000 Minerals
show me the money – Receive 10,000 Minerals and Gas
black sheep wall – Reveal entire map