Select “Personal Info” at the main menu. Select the “Manage Users”  option. Then, select the “Change Name” option. Enter one of the  following names to activate the corresponding cheat function.
The message “Cheat On” will appear in red to confirm correct code entry.


Effect Code
24 lives – Enter FORSIX as a name.
Alternate gun – Enter I_GUNZ as a name. (*)
Additional backgrounds – Enter NO_ID_ as a name. (*)
Powerball – Enter _PWR_B as a name. (*)
Laser – Enter ME_PAZ as a name. (*)
Level skip – Press [Menu] to pause game play, then press [Previous].
Additional life – Press [Menu] to pause game play, then press [Next].

(*) Note: “_” indicates a space.
Easy lives:
Use the following trick to get up to 99 lives. Pause game play and keep pressing [Previous] until you have 99 lives.