Bonus Gamerpics:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding

Fang: Get the “Treasure Hunter” achievement.
Hope: Get the “Instrument Of Change” achievement.
Lightning: Get the “Superstar” achievement.
Sazh: Get the “Loremaster” achievement.
Serah: Get all achievements.
Snow: Get the “L’Cie Paragon” achievement.
Vanille: Get the “Instrument Of Faith” achievement.

Easy CP:
When you are at Hope’s home towards the end of Chapter 7, you will
encounter an attack from groups of three PSICOM enemies. There is a save
point, and a group of enemies to the left and right side of you. Defeat
one set of enemies, and then fight the next set. Once you have defeated
all of them, run around the room to the other side, and the enemies will
respawn. You can repeat this as many times as desired and complete a
battle each time in under one minute by simply using the Relentless
Assault and Diversity combinations. After each battle, you will get 160
CP, as well as an item occasionally from the spoil that remains. This
trick allows you to easily gain enough CP to use later on if you have
already maxed out your current level, or you can max out your current
level in the Crystalium system.

When you first arrive in Gran Pulse (Disc 3), you will be told to go to
Vanille’s village. On the way to the village you must go through Taejin
Tower. Do the following steps there to get easy CP:

1. Defeat the Boss at the apex of Taejin Tower.
2. Take the elevator down to level four, and then the other
elevator (the first room on the left when exiting the elevator) up
to level five.
3. You will see a mission statue directly in front of the elevator
(Mission 24)
4. Select the statue, and re-accept the mission. The target will
spawn in the same room.
5. Kill the group of three that spawn to get 6,000 CP and an item
that sells for 6,000 Gil.
6. Go back to the statue, re-accept the mission again, and
complete it. Repeat these steps as many times as desired.

You can use the following tactic to kill them in approximately 34
seconds with tier two weapons. Have your party consist of Snow, Vanille
(use her tier two Marlboros Wand), and Lightning. Tactics: Default –
Ravager, Ravager, Ravager – Other – Commando, Saboteur, Commando. Start
with the default Ravager x3 on the main target (in the middle; should be
auto targeted) until he is staggering. Then, switch to your other
tactic, and keep auto-attacking the same enemy. With help from Vanille
(saboteur), he will die in a few combos while your other commando is
already killing one of the side enemies. Keep attacking until he is
dead. To make this easier, have the auto-haste “Sprint Shoes” gear equipped.

During the assault on the Estheim house, run around the circular hallway
instead of taking the red circle out of the room. The soldiers are easy
to defeat, and you can get anywhere from 120 to 200 CP per battle, as
well as an incentive chip that you can sell if desired. An easy way to
do this is to attack the soldiers at the window, and instead of turning
around and going straight for the soldiers behind you, go around the
hall and attack. Once you make it back, the soldiers at the window will
have respawned.

When you enter the hall while on the Palamecia and the alarms go off
(there is a safe point against the wall), defeat all the enemies.
Instead of following the right turn, keep going. You will eventually end
up back at the entrance to the ship. Kill all the enemies located there,
then turn back. The enemies in the hall will have respawned. Most
battles will get you at least two Credit Chips or one Incentive Chip,
and a good amount of CP. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Use the following trick to get 6,600 CP in approximately two minutes.
There are two Behemoth-like enemies fighting each other at Gran Pulse.
Once you encounter them, a preemptive attack will always happen. Use the
following Optima set-up: Attacker/Enhancer/Enhancer. Wait until you get
Haste and Fire elemental offense. Then, switch to
Attacker/Blaster/Blaster. Kill the purple creature to make the white one
easier to defeat. Go back near the save point to have them respawn.

Sprint Shoes accessory:
You can either find the Sprint Shoes or make them. One of the methods to
making them is using a Tetradic Tiara. Follow the order below exactly.
This method works best if you have the accessory that makes you more
likely to get a drop after a battle. Make sure you upgrade it to the top
tier as well.

1. Buy Four Iron-Bangles (500 Gil each)
2. Make sure there are no Tetradic Tiaras in your inventory.
3. Keep doing Mission 7 (Disc 3, Gran Pulse) until you get a
Tetradic Tiara (rare drop).
4. Save the game.
5. Break down all four Iron-Bangles.
6. Upgrade Tetradic Tiara level 1 to Tetradic Tiara ? (only one
level until star).
7. Break down Tetra Tiara ?.
8. Repeat these steps as many times as desired.

The result should be one raw material that sells for 12,500 Gil, three
Talisman, and one pair of Sprint Shoes. The same process works if you
get the Tetradic Crown drop instead of the Tiara; however, instead of
breaking down four Iron-Bangles, just break down three. Also, instead of
getting the Sprint Shoes, you will get Herme’s Shoes. If you upgrade
this to the star level (just one level), then upgrade it with the
correct crystal/stone/etc., it will turn into the Sprint Shoes.
Alternately, you can upgrade the Tetradic Crown to star level, then
using the correct stone/crystal (Mnir Stone or something similar), you
can turn it into Tetradic Tiara, and then perform the process above.

Extra ATB:
Set up two of the same Paradigms, and have them close to each other in
the top of the menu. You do not have to use the same ones, but do so if
it is the best attack. You might want to try this with your battle speed
set to slow until you get used to the process. During turn 1, let your
ATB charge. For example, if you have four attacks, during the third
attack display the “Paradigm” menu, and highlight the next Paradigm.
Once you see your fourth attack on screen or guess the timing for turn
2, use the extra ATB. After using this extra ATB during turn 3, charge
your ATB so you can use it again. You must charge a turn to get an extra
ATB. However, you cannot use an extra ATB to get another extra one.
*Note:* You can just charge the ATB half way to get an extra one. For

Turn 1: Attack, then switch Paradigm at end of attack.
Turn 2: Extra ATB attacks.
Turn 3: Repeat turn 1.