Easy “No Backpack Bird Needed” trophy:
In Act 2: “A Spirit From The Vasty Deep”, you have to repair three attractions in the second act. One of the attractions is the Pirate Ride. After solving the first puzzle, you will get in one of the boats.
The boat will stop after a cutscene, and a tentacle will block your way. In the same room is the treasure chest. It will keep opening and closing quickly. Go up the ramp next to the chest, and jump inside to get the “No Backpack Bird Needed” trophy.
Easy “Not That Kind Of Game!” trophy:
At the beginning of Act I: “Of All the Gin Joints…”, when you are supposed to go to the “Ghost Note” club, after you reach the club, you will see a loading screen and short cutscene. Before entering the club, go left, and look for a building with a red neon sign and white text that says “24h Dirty 24h”. Walk up to the door to get the “Not That Kind Of Game!” trophy. You can also do this after leaving the “Ghost Note” club.
Easy “The Cyclops’ Bottle” trophy:
In Act 2: “All The Pretty Horses”, after reaching the circus, you have to repair three attractions. One of the attractions is the carousel (on the right side of the circus area). You have to use the moving shadows on the walls to reach the top. The secret bottle is on the balcony at the top. Collect it before you cut the hot-air balloon loose on the rooftop to get “The Cyclops’ Bottle” trophy.