Cheat Codes:

To enter the passcodes, simply click on Settings from the game’s
console, the click on General. Type in the passcodes into the
blank are labeled “Enter Passcode Here”. To delete a passcode,
i.e, the Chicken Passcode, simply click on the passcode, and
press Shift-Del.

Code Effect
wookiepelt – millenium falcon
goodguytie – tie intercepter
oompawampa – unlock all levels
CHICKEN – Play as an AT-ST
LEIAWRKOUT – Activate joystick force feedback feature
GUNDARK – Changes force feedback control for joystick
CREDITS – View credits
DIRECTOR – Let’s you view all the cutscenes
IAMDOLLY – Gives you Unlimited Lives
TOUGHGUY – Gives you all powerups in the game
HIKEN – Hidden secondary weapons
NEUC – Destroys all Imperial ships on the radar
LOKJOT – Allows you to land and do repairs
MAESTRO – Let’s you listen to all the sound themes
Select “Concert Hall” from the High Scores
menu to activate
NUMBERTWO – Gives you infinite secondary weapons,
which mostly consists of missiles or bombs
RADAR – Improve on your radar technology. Higher targets
will appear brighter then the lower ones
USEDAFORCE – Seems to disable any secondary weaponry
FARMBOY – Fly Millennium Falcon (NOTE: cheat will not work
in missions that already have the Millennium Falcon)
TIED UP – Fly TIE interceptor
IGIVEUP – Unlimited lives


Type in the millenium folcon cheat then type in goodguytie. After that
go to the place where you pick your ship and then go to the millenium
folcon and press up and then it will take you to the tie intercepter.