is a simple war zone shoot ’em up. The player controls a helicopter launched from an aircraft carrier to bomb six factories scattered across islands on a small planetoid occupied by the Bungeling Empire, while fending off escalating counterattacks by gun turrets, fighter jets, guided missiles, and a battleship.

There is also a hidden island for the player to reload on. Failure means that the Bungeling Empire develops a war machine to take over the planet Earth. Players have to attack its infrastructure while defending the aircraft carrier which served as home base.


GameGenie codes
PENGZYIE Start with 9 lives
PENGZYIA Start with 1 life
SXSIASVK Infinite bombs
SXVVPIAX Take no damage from anything
LEVKTYPA Start on round 3
TEVKTYPA Start on round 6
PEVKTYPE Start on round 9
AZOIIEGX You can only carry 5 bombs



Raid on Bungeling Bay on NES screenshot
Raid on Bungeling Bay on NES screenshot